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Often, adding the option key to a keyboard shortcut will apply the command to all tracks.

Holding the Command key will give fine control when moving faders, knobs and breakpoints.

These shortcuts will all work on a Windows computer, just substitute Control (Windows) for Command (Mac), Alt (Windows) for Option (Mac), Start (Windows) for Control (Mac).

On the Mac, the Command key is the one with the Apple on it.

Intro from Jay Allison: If you work in audio production, you end up having some kind of relationship to Digidesign's ubiquitous software, Pro Tools. We at Transom are no exception and we asked our TOOLS Editor to come up with a set of Pro Tools tips specifically for the public radio producer.

So, now we bring you the result of years of conversation and complaint about this powerful, troublesome software in a single guide, Jeff Towne's "Pro Tools Shortcuts," which comes with its own handy print-out to keep by your bedside. A Handy Pro Tools Shortcuts printout There are many audio editing programs that can be used to make audio programs, but we here at still feel that Pro Tools offers the best balance of power, value and interoperability.

In the grey If tracks were dropped, print out the list of dropped tracks.

Be sure to bypass any effects, and record the audio into DAW. This works for changing track size, track display, adding aux sends, and many other operations.Hold the option key and change a value on one track, and all other tracks will change the same way.Select the tracks by Option-clicking on the track name, and Delete Tracks from the File menu.Intro to Pro Tools: How to Export Your Mix Intro to Pro Tools: Creating an Instrument Track How do I trash my Pro Tools preferences?

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