Dating identical twin

In this way small initial personality differences could snowball—changing behavior, which changes brain—and result in our colorful, unique selves.

I remember one time during a job interview having to give the interviewer a quick explanation why I was always saying we: "I'm actually an identical twin and we both worked for these same employers together".It’s been known that physical activity promotes adult neuron-growth (called neurogenesis), but in this case the researchers found it didn’t fully explain the differences.Mice that were very active but in a limited range showed less neuron-creation than mice that wandered over a greater area.While some mice hung around a home area and occasionally ventured outside their comfort zones, others spent equal parts of time in all the cage’s corners.What’s more, the mice’s wanderlust at the end of the experiment was correlated with how many new neurons they’d added in their hippocampus, one of two known areas where new neurons are born in adult mammals’ brains.

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